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for each new customer you refer

Become an affiliate
BullTips affiliate program is a safe way of earning money. It’s quick, easy and FREE! Become an affiliate today and earn commissions of every Sign Up made through your affiliate link. Get a unique tracking code for your websites that accounts for every visitor you refer.

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Anyone Can Become an Affiliate
Great Commissions
No minimum monthly sales
Earn endlessly
Variety of banners and logos
Fast payouts via PayPal

It’s easy to get started

It takes you only few clicks to start selling. Create an account in minutes, receive a unique link and share it.

No need to sell anything

Simply recommend our Products and Services by affiliate links and we’ll do the rest.

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting

Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.

How does it work?

Share your link or banner


Refer customers


Earn your commission

BullTips affiliate scheme
Affiliate program details
Where do I get the required links and banners?

Banners and links will be provided to you within your affiliate dashboard, after you have registered your affiliate account. You can also make your own banners, as long as the image is using your affiliate link it will work just fine.

What technical skills do I need to have?

We provide HTML code which you can copy and paste within your website or email advertisements. If you understand this, then you are well on your way to start to generate sales.

How long do I have to wait to start earning?

You can start earning commission immediately after registering for your affiliate account. There is no screening process and no waiting for your account to be activated.

Can I promote BullTips on more than one website?

Yes, absolutely. You can promote our Services across one or all of your websites. The more links and content you place on your websites, the more qualified visitors you’re likely to send us — and this should translate into a higher conversion.

Commission Rates*
Single Idea €10
Trial and Promo €10
Monthly Plan €20
3 Month Plan €50
General conditions
Payment Threshold €30
Cookie Expiration 60 days
Payout Duration** 15 days

*Commission rate are negotiable and can be increased for top sellers. Want higher rate? Contact us.
**Period after the sale commission is good to go. Commission is calculated after any refunds if any refund is given to orders.

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