For Members

What does membership include?

Membership includes access to the closed area with Stock trading ideas. Ideas consist of recommendations to BUY Stocks: showing current Open positions and Limit orders with entry prices and target levels. Additionally, members receive stock alerts newsletter via email and SMS, if the services were activated.

How do I get my picks?

When an alert is triggered you will receive an email and/or SMS depending on your alert configuration. You can also view alerts in member’s area.

Can I receive email and sms alerts?

Yes. After completing the registration you will be able to receive emails to the address you’ve provided. Then you will have the option of inserting your cell phone number. You will get a confirmation code to this number. Insert the confirmation code back into the box and your cell phone number will be confirmed and starts receiving SMS alerts.

How much money do I need to start?

You can trade as little or as much as you like. We suggest $10 000 is a reasonable minimum to start off with, but many people have started with $5 000.

Do you provide alerts for opening short (SELL) position

No. We are seeking only BUY opportunities.

Do you provide entry and exit points?

Yes, we do.

In what type of stocks you invest in?

Stability is our priority! We chose only companies with high market capitalization (500M and above), history of listing, appropriate valuation and low chance of becoming insolvent. We do not invest in penny and pink sheets Stocks, Over-The-Counter (OTC) Markets, as well as low liquidity stocks and IPOs.

What markets (exchanges) do you trade in?
  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)
  • German Stock Exchange (ETR)
  • London Stock Exchange (LON)
  • Euronext Paris (EPA) – XETRA
  • Italian Stock Exchange (BIT)
  • Madrid Stock Exchange (BME)
  • Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AMS)
  • Stockholm Stock Exchange (STO)
  • Vienna Stock Exchange (VIE)
Just signed up and saw open positions in drawdown. What does it mean?

Consider yourself being lucky! You can buy these Stocks at a better price, than we did.

What is the maximum number of open positions in the portfolio?

The maximum is 10 open positions, it means that the number of open positions in our portfolio can’t exceed 10.

Is there a high degree of risk in the stocks you invest in?

No. Our mission is to find the best combination of risk and return for our customers. We seek investment opportunities where risk is lower than potential gain.

In what time of the day do you trade?

We make all actions during European and U.S. markets working hours.

How many trades do you make per month?

It depends on many factors. We scan thousands of stocks and send 1-2 stock weekly that have the highest possibility of making gains rather than throw a bunch of stocks at you.
Usually, we try to make 4-6 quality trades per month, but this number can be slightly increased.

How long does it take to hit the profit target?

Our stocks usually hit the profit target in 4 to 190 days. For more details please check closed trades.

Where do I buy stocks you provide?

Through a bank or stock broker. There are many online brokerage sites who provide stocks trading. If you need a list or recommendation, please visit international online stock brokers reviews or contact us and we will be glad to assist.

Where can I find stock quotes for the stocks you recommend?

We are trying to provide quotes for all stocks we suggest. Quotes are available in membership area in alert tables. Please note, these quotes are provided with 15 minutes delay. You can also find them on Google Finance or Yahoo Finance or in terminal of your broker.

Do you monitor the trades you provide?

Yes. Our team follows the portfolio positions until closing. If necessary stock position might be closed before Target is reached or Target levels can be modified by us during the trade.

How much should I invest in a particular Stock?

We usually recommend that you never put more than 20% of your total portfolio into one investment. This way, if you invest 20%, and use a 25% drawdown, you will never lose more than 5% of your portfolio on any one play.
Let’s assume your investment capital is $10 000, then your investment per particular Stock will be $2 000 (20% of $10 000).
Beware of sites who ask you to put all you have into a stock. Putting all your eggs into one basket never been a good advice.

What would be the best allocation?

Best allocation is 10% of portfolio per particular Stock. Our performance is based on 10% allocation. 20% allocation is recommended as a reasonable minimum for Risk management.

Do you use leverage or margin?

No, and absolutely not. Our leverage is 1:1. We do not use margin in trading and strongly recommend to all our customers not to use leverage and borrowed money.

Do you set Stop Loss?

No. We don’t use leverage, therefore we don’t set Stop Loss for Stock positions. In spite of that, our risk management not allow drawdown for more than 25 – 30% per particular Stock.

Do you provide comments for Stocks you BUY?

No. We do not provide any comments and explanations.

When do you close positions?

Since every situation is different, we do not have a fixed answer for everyone. Generally, we close the position, when Stock is reached Target. As an exception, if we “feel” a stock can rise more, we stay with it. If it looks as we gain only 10% to 20%, that’s fine too. In another case, if we feel we’ve made a mistake, we take the loss (no more than 25- 35% per particular Stock) and move on and we advise you do the same.

Is this service for traders only?

No. This service is more suitable for investors. Key advantage is you do not need to monitor the market every day.

Why not just let a mutual fund do this for me?

Go ahead. This Service is for investors who prefer to do their own trading and investment decisions.

What is difference between Open (market) and Limit orders?

When we place an order to purchase a stock, there are only two fundamental execution options: place the order “at market” or “at limit.” Market orders provide instruction to execute, as quickly as possible, a transaction at the present, or market, price. All our market orders are placed under “Open Trades” table in member’s area. Conversely, a limit order provides instruction to only execute at or under a purchase price or at or above a sales price. When the Limit order is executed it’s automatically moved from “Limit” to “Open Trades” table.

A market order deals with the execution of the order; the price of the security is important but secondary. Limit orders deal primarily with the price; if the security’s value is currently resting outside of the parameters set in the limit order, the transaction does not occur.

Do I need to pay attention to my brokerage fees?

Yes. You just have to be careful to watch your brokerage fees.

How can I lower the Risk?

There are 2 ways you can do it: the first one and the best way is diversification of your portfolio; the second one is profit withdrawal on regular basis (highly recommended to).

How to cancel service?

It’s very easy – just cancel your subscription via Paypal.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. The minimum payment is for 3 months. For more details please contact us.

For Affiliates

How does Affiliate Program work?

Affiliate program allows you to make money by referring customers to our website. You can do this by placing links, banners, product reviews, or any of the other content we provide you with on your website. Each time you refer a customer to us and that customer makes a Sign-up, you earn a commission.

Is there any cost to become an affiliate?

It’s absolutely free to join our Affiliate Program. There’s no charge to apply and there’s no minimum sales requirement.

What technical skills do I need to have?

We provide HTML code which you can copy and paste within your website or email advertisements. If you understand this, then you are well on your way to start to generate sales.

How much can I expect to earn?

Our standard commission rate is 20% of every Sign-up you refer, but your profit potential completely depends on your sales. Once volume increases and remains constant, your commissions can increase.

How long do I have to wait to start earning?

You can start earning commission immediately after registering for your affiliate account. There is no screening process and no waiting for your account to be activated.

Is there a minimum payment threshold?

Yes. Affiliates must earn a minimum affiliate account balance of €30 or more before their account is eligible for payment. Commission amounts earned for less than €30 (for example, 1 sale for €15) will remain pending until the full €15 minimum balance has been earned.

When and how often will I be paid?

Commissions deemed due and owed to you under the program will be paid to you directly by BullTips.com via PayPal after any holding period and in accordance with a regular payout cycle established by BullTips.com.

How do you track my affiliate transactions?

Via cookies. These cookies remember which affiliate’s link or ad was clicked by the visitor. Once that transaction and sale is made, the cookies tell us who to pay.

What Is An Affiliate Cookie And Do I Care About Its Duration?

Our affiliate program uses cookie tracking to track and award sales made through the referral link.

The tracking cookie is valid for 60 days and is awarded on the last click basis — meaning, if someone uses your link before sign up, it will overwrite any other affiliate cookie currently in their system.

If someone clicks your affiliate link, but then clears their cookies, then we cannot be sure you will get credit for the sale.

What about customers who have their cookies disabled?

Most sites on the internet require cookies to be enabled, and this technology will remain part of the internet for a long time.

A customer who has cookies disabled on their browser will not be able to have their sales tracked; however, studies have shown that cookies are rejected by users only 0.68% of the time, so you have a 99.32% chance of making a successful sale.

Where do I get the required links and banners?

Banners and links will be provided to you within your affiliate dashboard, after you have registered your affiliate account. You can also make your own banners, as long as the image is using your affiliate link it will work just fine.

Can I promote BullTips on more than one website?

Yes, absolutely. You can promote our Services across one or all of your websites. The more links and content you place on your websites, the more qualified visitors you’re likely to send us — and this should translate into a higher conversion.

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