About us

We are a team of professional investors and we’re looking to share our insights to help you build wealth — not instantly, not with unreasonably good results, but with solid information that will allow you to build wealth steadily.

We have the experience — over 18 years of it — to know that any gains you can make in a hurry, you can lose just as quickly. That’s why we aim for stable growth that builds new successes on those of the past to secure your financial future. We launched BullTips in 2012 and we have outperformed the markets ever since.

We’re not here to offer an online course or e-book that will supposedly teach you strategies to build wealth, we’re offering specific investment ideas with precise entry and exit points. Subscribe, and you’ll be able to access our information online, or we can send it to you via e-mail or text. You’ll know exactly when to buy and when to sell.

While past performance is no guarantee of future results, it’s the smart way to invest. We offer proven performance. We will only recommend liquid blue chip stocks from US and European exchanges. Our service is suitable for both long term investors and short term traders. We offer a consistent ROI with risk mitigation and a low drawdown.

We are professionals. We have years of experience, and we’re offering it to you now, so don’t delay.

About BullTips Team

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