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The Single Stock Investing Idea - provides possibility to buy one Investing Tip from BullTips portfolio for stocks of US or European market. This is the perfect tool for those traders and investors who stuck with analysis and never really know when is the best time to buy a Stock. This Tip will remove the human emotion and indecisiveness that trading stocks can create for individuals. We provide clear and accurate stock trading signals. All Tips are based on a proven stock trading system of fundamental analysis.
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Latest closed trade

Walt Disney Co

ID: US260617
Open:  26 June 2017 ($105.46)
Close: 26 September 2018 ($116.07)


Estimated return*

Investment Amount: 0 $
Idea Price: 24.90 €
Held: 457 days

~ 0 $

What's inside?

Long position (BUY signal)
Liquid "Blue Chip"
Precious entry point
High accuracy
94%+ of profit trades
Medium term investment horizon
100% transparency


Our mission is to find best combination of risk and return for our customers. We are looking for investing opportunities where risk is lower than potential gain. We chose only companies with high market capitalization (500M+), we check history of listing, appropriate valuation and low chance of becoming insolvent. We do not invest in penny and pink sheets Stocks, Over-The-Counter (OTC) Markets, neither low liquidity stocks and IPOs.

We are constantly working to provide the most valuable tips to you as soon as possible. However please keep in mind, as markets constantly change, allow up to 20 days for searching the most useful tip for your chosen market in a particular moment of time.

We usually recommend that you never put more than 20% of your total portfolio into one investment. This way, if you invest 20%, and use a 25% drawdown, you will never lose more than 5% of your portfolio on one play. Risk management is based on 1:1 leverage.

Our team follows the portfolio positions until closing. Please note that stock position might be closed by us manually before Target is reached.


Last Update:
ID / Status Open Date Listed in
US23051823 May'18NYSE
EU23051823 May'18ETR
EU02031802 Mar'18ETR
EU19021819 Feb'18ETR
EU09011809 Jan'18ETR
EU03011803 Jan'18ETR
US29111729 Nov'17NYSE
US04051704 May'17NASDAQ

Recently closed

ID Open Date Company Listed in:Symbol Close Date Close Price
US26061726 Jun'17Walt Disney CoNYSE:DIS26 sep 18$ 116.07
EU27021827 Feb'18Evolution Gaming Group ABSTO:EVO18 jul 18kr 650.00
US08031808 Mar'18Kroger CoNYSE:KR25 apr 18$ 25.55
EU20021820 Feb'18Unilever N.V.AMS:UNA29 mar 18€ 45.37
EU09061709 Jun'17Electricite de France SAEPA:EDF8 mar 18€ 10.82
EU07021807 Feb'18Dialog Semiconductor PLCETR:DLG28 feb 18€ 27.00
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*Estimated return is for information purposes only. Calculation data does not take into trading commissions and specific Brokerage fees. Past performance does not necessarily predict future results.
**U.S. Market: NYSE - New York Stock Exchange; NASDAQ - National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations; Europe Market: ETR - German Stock Exchange; LON - London Stock Exchange; EPA - Euronext Paris; BIT - Italian Stock Exchange; BME - Madrid Stock Exchange; AMS - Amsterdam Stock Exchange; STO - Stockholm Stock Exchange; VIE - Vienna Stock Exchange
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